Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Social Studies 10: WWI Review for Quest

Chapter 2 in Counterpoints.

Terminology & People

Tripple Entente              Tripple Alliance          (who was in each of these)
Nationalism                   Militarism                     balance of power
Imperialism                    War Measures Act       conscription
Internment                     Habeas Corpus             no man's land
stalemate                        Propaganda                  autonomy
Union Government       Trench Warfare             bias
Military Service Act     propaganda

Franz Ferdinand
Sam Hughes

Battles:  Vimy and what it did for Canadians and Canadian troops
              Ypres (chlorine gas)

Historical Thinking concepts:  be able to apply these to Canada and WWI
Historical Significance
Historical Perspective
Ethical Judgement
Cause and Consequence
Continuity and Change

Understand how WWI changed fabric of Canada as a Nation.
Understand how nature of women's work changed
Know what was happening on the home front
How did WWI affect Canadian autonomy?
What events, values, worldviews, actions have influenced Canadian identity?
Is there a Canadian Identity?
Know the conscription crisis and the issues around the 1917 election.  Including who got to vote!
Propaganda and is it okay to use it in times of war?
Internment and Historical Perspective & Ethical Judgement.
Life in the trenches.
Canada as a colony of Britain and the effects of this.
Canada's contribution on the world stage....including economy.

You might see a propaganda poster or a political cartoon as part of quest and then you will need to apply your knowledge of an event/issue as well as be able to apply historical thinking concepts.

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