Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Social Studies 9 - Historical Significance

What is Historical Significance?
        -events, people or developments that brought about major change

*important to remember that what is historically significant to one person/group etc may not be historically significant to another

What are historically significant events in your life?  List five.
How did you decide - what criteria/factors did you consider?  (Idea of judgement based on criteria and this will change depending on who is considering the event.)

Draw a diagram showing the most significant events, people or developments in the world/Canada/Revelstoke (or a part of the world).

-it can be a kind of flow chart if you like
-use pictures, icons, words, colour
-arrange it so it makes sense to you

15 minutes and be ready to explain it after

significance scale
Global: Most everyone in the world should know about it
National: Most everyone in the country where it occurred should know about it
Regional: Most everyone in the region or who belongs to a specific group(s) should know about it
Individual: Only the descendants and family of the people involved need know about it
Not at all significant: No one needs to remember it

Look at two events and fill out sheet on these events.

Video example of Historical Significance:

Add to ideas sheet.
Rate Historical Significance.

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