Monday, February 26, 2018

Study tips

Studying is a very personal thing.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Here are some ideas on how to study, some strategies.

***It is a natural tendency to read and review what you know rather than focusing time on what you don't know....when budgeting your study time spend time on the parts you are less confident on.
-half of writing a successful test, exam, quiz, quest your confidence on the information
-study the harder stuff first, the stuff you feel less clear on
-take great notes in class (a Harvard study found that writing things down (not typing and not taking a photo but physically writing) increases a students ability to retain information a LOT....once you have a great set of notes, read these through, highlight the key parts and ASK any questions that are left open.  Review highlighted material.
-if you read the text, read with a purpose (ie) to answer the questions you may have from your notes.
-create flashcards (this is helpful for vocab)
-Rewrite notes, adding to it from your reading of the text
-Reading in the text may not need to go past a scan of the headings (how confident are you about the info)
-Always read the introduction and conclusions to the chapter!
-have someone ask you questions about the material, if you can explain it to someone else, you should be able to confidently answer questions on a quiz/test
-read or say it out loud
-draw mind maps to connect ideas to pictures or other ideas
-create mental associations

For a von Bremen quest:
-USE the review sheet on the blog & go through the questions
-think about what I spent time on and see if you can guess what the questions will be from the review and what we spent time on in class
-von Bremen quest questions can be complex, break them down and match up to the value of the question....when checking through your quest ensure you answered all the PARTS of the question.
-I'm not out to trick you, I'm out to check your understanding and learning

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