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Social Studies 11: course outline

Social Studies 11 Course Outline 
Ms. von Bremen 
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The goal of Social Studies is to help you become active and informed citizens.  This includes having an opinion on issues as well as the ability to back up ideas with strong evidence.  These things take practice and experience and that is what class is for.  Social Studies 11 covers a lot of topics spanning Canadian History from 1938 to the present!  Students are also introduced to Human Geography and students will begin to understand the possible impacts of their own lives on the environment and the global state of human development.  It is recommended that students take written notes daily in class to help build a foundation of knowledge that they can review at home.
In Social Studies 11 we will look at a number of ideas and topics through six historical thinking concepts which include: 
-Historical Significance 
-Continuity & Change 
-Cause & Consequence 
-Ethical Judgement 

Through the above lenses we will explore and examine some of the following topics: 
1.      World War II (Canada’s role)
2.     Post War Years 1945-1968 (including Canada’s role on the world stage and the United Nations, Canada-US relations, Cold War, Economy)
3.     Canadian Identity (Quebec Nationalism, evolving Canadian Identity, First Nations, Multi-culturalism and the fabric of our National Identity)
4.     Modern Canada 1968-present day (Canada & Peace Keeping, Canada-US relations, Pearson & Trudeau Era’s, Cold War continued, Economic Issues, Federalism)
5.     Global and Canadian Issues in Geography (Environment, demographics, urbanization, globalization)

***Please note there is a mandatory Issues Project worth 10% of your final grade.  This project must be completed to a satisfactory level in order to receive credit for Social Studies 11.

What you need to be successful: 
-a good attitude 
-come to class prepared and ready to work 
-bring texts, notebook & writing utensils 
-participate and be present in class 
-be respectful of yourself and others 
-complete homework and assignments to the best of your ability 
-ask for help 
-turn off and put away cell phones/music devices, unless they are being used for educational purposes under the teacher’s direction. Responsible use in an educational form! 

Late Assignments: 
“Stuff happens”. If you are reasonable, I will be reasonable. Bottom line: I’m a reasonable person however once an assignment has been handed back the maximum mark you may receive is 50%. Plagiarism and Cheating will result in a zero, a serious conversation and sometimes a learning opportunity. 

Assignments – 45%
AAP – 10% (attendance, attitude, participation, preparedness, use of time, assignments in on time, work completion etc.…etc.….) 
Tests & Quizzes - 35% 
Issues Paper (mandatory to complete the class) 10% of final grade course work grade
Marks will be cumulative over two semesters.
Final Assessment = 20% of final grade (this will be skills based and less so on content) 

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