Thursday, February 1, 2018

Grade 10 Editorial Assignment

As we look at the role of media in our world with regards to government and other issues we understand that there are three types of news reports:  direct reports, news agency reports and press releases.  News paper articles are based on these.  Issues that receive more media attention tend to get more attention by government.  It is known that media is supposed to be both accurate and objective (not influenced by personal feelings/opinions).  An exception to this is an editorial.  Editorials are intended to express an opinion.

Your assignment is to research a current events topic of your choice.  Gain understanding and write an informed editorial piece on the subject.  You will need to read and reference your articles.

Here are 5 steps for writing an editorial from:
1.  Choose your topic
-something that has been in the headlines
-narrow your focus
-read for understanding
-try to say more and write less

2.  Declare your agenda outright
-thesis statement should include your bias/opinion and should be in your introductory paragraph

3.  Build your argument
-research and build your evidence to support your argument
-purpose to get people to agree with your side

4.  Strengthen your argument with analogies
-use other countries as examples or provide another analogy
-will there be consequences?

5.  Provide possible solutions
-think of it as constructive criticism!
-provide ideas to help change etc...
-use the opportunity to create a vision for a better future.


Name:                                                                             Topic:                                                                              Date:

Grade 10 Editorial Marking Scheme:

·       Grammar
·       Evidence of proof reading
·       Layout is effective
·       Sources are listed

·       Title:  explicit & present
·       Thesis:  present & shows opinion
·       Examples/Analogy:  present and effective
·       Solutions/ideas:  present and constructive

Ø  Topic & writing is focussed

Ø  Writer clearly states position

Ø  Writer includes facts to support position

Ø  Writer clearly challenges opposing facts/opinions

Ø  Research and knowledge of topic is evident

Ø  Writer is successful in making appeal for support to reader


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