Thursday, February 1, 2018

Social Studies 11: WWII Inquiry project

World War II Inquiry Project

-World War II is a very broad topic and there is no way that we can cover all the material.  This project is intended to allow you to acquire knowledge around a topic in WWII of interest to you.  It is also a "warm-up" for your Issues Project, so we are practicing formulating an inquiry question, doing research (read TAKING NOTES), creating some kind of final product with a Bibliography in Chicago style.

Part 1:  Decide on a topic and formulate a question to narrow and direct your research

Part 2:  Research your question and take good notes that include the website or book that you accessed information from.  Answer your question, possibly formulate further questions

Part 3:  Put your research into some kind of final product (poster, power point, model, diorama, pamphlet etc...whatever lends itself).  The goal is to show me what you learned about your topic.

Part 4:  Create a formal bibliography in Chicago style.  See the style guide here:
A formal bibliography should have a heading, be in alphabetical order, follow the style guide and be on a separate slide/sheet of paper.

*Your final product is due: Tuesday Feb 13
**You will receive marks for your research and bibliography as well as your final product and your use of time
***You will have Friday to complete your research and two more half blocks to finish up your project (if people need additional time I will look into another block of time, but only if people are using their time well including your research block with the TOC)

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