Monday, February 26, 2018

Socials 10: quest review: judicial system

Socials 10:  quest review
Chapter 12

****check out p. 311 command words...


Rule of Law
Civil Law vrs Criminal Law
Common Law & Statutory Law
Habeas Corpus
Indictable vrs Summary offences
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Restitution/Restorative Justice
actus reus & mens rea

concepts and ideas:
historical significance (can visit blog post on this topic)
change and continuity (can visit my blog post on this topic)
levels of court system (pyramid) know who does what (what gets tried where)
rights of the young offender
options in the penal system
role as citizen (rights vs responsibilities)
technology and the law
basic elements of criminal law
actus reus & mens rea
*anything from interactive notebook, bug's life or inside Canada's prisons = fair game

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