Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Socials 11: WWII Quest review

You will be able to bring your timeline into the quest, it will be submitted after quest.

appeasement                       Mackenzie King
Policy of Total War             CD Howe
Crown corporations            Churchill
Blitzkrieg                            Roosevelt
Axis powers                        Leahy
Allies                                  Tibbets
UBoat                                  Stalin
Commonwealth                  Hitler
Conscription                       Mussolini
Operation Sea Lion & Barbarossa
war bonds
Manhatten project
Link to King's speech prior to plebiscite on conscription:

Questions to consider:
Be able to compare and contrast WWI and WWII
Is the use of propaganda justified during war?
Is the use of weapons of mass destruction ever justified?
Know about the evacuation of Dunkirk, Dieppe & Battle of Britain
Why did Germany attack Russia?
Understand the conscription crisis.
Could the war in Europe have been avoided if the allies had not used policy of conscription?
Did the WWII have high moral purpose?  Examples of events that raised moral questions and why.
How did WWII change or contribute to an evolving Canadian identity?
Was the dropping of the atomic bomb justified especially the second one?  Understand the historical perspectives around this topic.
What did Canada do in order to prepare for war?
Why was it significant that King declared war a couple days after the British declared war on Germany.

Understand how to analyze a political cartoon.
Be able to use photographs as evidence.

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