Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Grade 10: WWI Inquiry Project

Our second task that works on building skills towards our position paper is an inquiry project.  For this project we will focus on the process and creating bibliographies and looking at primary and secondary sources.  Asking good inquiry questions and doing good research.

The idea of inquiry is the study of a worthy question, problem or idea.  It allows the student/learner to ask open ended questions, search for answers, analyze and build knowledge.  Usually one question will lead to many other questions during the research phase causing students to look deeper to create understanding.

As this can seem daunting and maybe even airy-fairy, here is a graphic to help facilitate
understanding of the process in a more sequential fashion.

Your broad topic is World War I.
Here are some ideas of sub topics that you could possible focus on:
Canadian autonomy
First Nations
...and many more....you are welcome to explore almost any topic, just run it by me first.

I will provide you with an initial inquiry sheet to help guide you.
We will be focussing on the process as much as the final product (which is totally open and up to you).  Mr.  Wilson will be providing you with some information on citation and bibliography.

Phase 1:  initial questions and research from text book on two topics (on sheet provided)
Phase 2:  deepen your research on the computer/books, expand your ideas and possibly your inquiry question(s)
Phase 3:  Interpret your ideas and information.  Ensure you answer your inquiry question(s) ****don't forget to cross reference your information from websites especially wikipedia
Phase 4:  Show me your learning!  Present your information in a final hand in version of your project.

Here is the marking rubric:

World War I inquiry project
Social Studies 10
Ms. von Bremen

Name:                                                  Topic:

Approaching Expectations
Meeting Expectations
Exceeding Expectations
Use of Time
-poor use of time
-needed several reminders to stay on task
0, 1, 2
-satisfactory use of time
-on task most of the time
3, 4
-excellent use of time
-on task all of the time
Evidence of Research: notes, bibliography, inquiry question
-no bibliography or less than 3 relevant sources cited
-many sources are not cited
-minimal analysis of sources
-minimal effort to go through the process of inquiry
-little or no notes included

0, 1, 2, 3
-bibliography contains at least three relevant and reliable sources in Chicago citation style
-evidence of cross referencing sources
-some analysis of all sources to answer a focus question or develop a big idea
-most sources are cited
-notes are included
4, 5, 6
-bibliography contains more than three sources
in Chicago citation style
-extensive research is evident through detailed notes, analysis and cross referencing
-thoughtful analysis of sources to answer inquiry question or develop a big idea
-all sources are cited
-excellent effort on inquiry process

7, 8
Conventions:  grammar, spelling, layout

-several grammar and spelling errors present
-layout is confusing

0, 1, 2
-good effort to proofread and has few errors
-good effort to provide a layout that enhances flow of project
3, 4
-clearly proofread for understanding
-no spelling or grammar errors
-layout enhances project

Demonstrates knowledge of topic & answers inquiry question
-limited knowledge of the topic evident
-inquiry question not answered
-information not clearly presented

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
-good knowledge of topic
-information is presented in a satisfactory fashion
-topic is covered but needs more depth
-good effort to answer inquiry question or create a big idea
6, 7, 8, 9
-excellent knowledge of topic
-big idea/inquiry question clearly answered or developed
-information is well presented

10, 11, 12
-Clarity of information
-Organization & layout
-Limited effort to organize and clearly present information
-Not much effort put into creative elements to present topic
-lacks neatness

0, 1, 2
-good effort to organize and present big ideas or answer inquiry question
-good use of creative elements
-thought was put into final product
-visually pleasing

3, 4
-information is clearly and thoughtfully presented and organized
-lots of thought put into final product making it interesting and visually pleasing
-exceptional use of creative elements to present topic
-leaves an impression on the viewer
Total:            /35

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