Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Social Studies 11: Flashpoints of the Cold War exercise

Socials 11:  Cold War Crisis Power Point

Goal:  to become an expert on one of the four crisis that occurred during the cold war that Canada was involved in

Topics/Crisis:  Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Korean War & Suez Crisis

You will focus on the 5W's and H for How Canada was involved and affected by the crisis?:  Who was involved (people & countries), What happened during the conflict and when did it happen?  Where did the crisis happen and where did it spread to (MAPS!)

You an your partner will create a short powerpoint on the crisis you are assigned (3-5 slides)

Some helpful links for additional information:
Cold War museum:
Canadian Encyclopedia:

Suez Crisis:
Cuban Missile Crisis:
Vietnam War:
Korean War:

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