Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Socials 11: Early Cold War Quiz review

Twentieth Century History
Chapter 5 p. 138-151
Chapter 6 p. 178-187

Superpowers               cold war              communism
capitalism                   NATO                  NORAD
Warsaw Pact               DEW line            Pinetree line
Mid-Canada Line       United Nations    Iron Curtain
policy of containment   Marshall Plan
Berlin Blockade and Airlift                    McCarthyism

Understand how the UN works and it's purpose and satellite agencies (WHO, UNICEF, IMF).
What led to the cold war?
Relate McCarthyism to Trump's campaign and presidency to date.
Evaluate NATO and NORAD's place in history and it's place today.
Understand the early developments of the Cold war and it's impact on Canada.
Be able to apply the historical thinking concepts to the Cold War.

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