Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Grade 10: Position Papers

Grade 10:  Position Paper

What is a Position Paper?

A position paper is a paper where you are required to take a position, or stand on a topic.  That means you may, or may not agree with your position, but you are required to take a stand.  You will need to read and research to find information to back up your position.  Using quotes to back up your position strengthens your argument.  While you are researching it is important to find convincing quotes in the literature.  Once you have done your research, organize and write up your paper as a formal assignment.

The plan:

You will be provided a planning sheet to help you outline your paper.  You will need to hand this into me with your research notes and your final draft of your paper.  If you use and follow the plan you should have no problem.  
You will need to have a minimum of three reasons (so try and find four!) to back up your position.  Each reason will need to be backed up with supporting evidence and a quotation to strengthen your argument.  ***You must give credit where credit is due, thus ensure you footnote your quotes, and provide me with a list of sources (bibliography/references).  PLAGIARISM WILL RESULT IN A ZERO, NO SECOND CHANCES!!  When you have a reason and a quote, you then need to provide some writing around/about this quote….why is it significant to your case, what it means, what it is saying etc…  The quotes and reasons act as a skeleton, you provide the meat with your writing.

Want a worksheet to track your citations as you research your topic?  Click here:

Citation Worksheet

Approximate evaluation:  I will provide you with a rubric next week.

Planning sheet:  5
Notes and evidence of research:  5
Paper: content and support of your position.  Grammar.  25
Use of quotes:  proper use, backing up your position, minimum of three:  5
Footnotes and references:  10

Total 50 
****This project must be completed to a satisfactory level in order to get a final grade for this course.****

Topics:  Pick either for or against on of the following topic/ create your own thesis statement.

The 1920’s was not a roaring decade for many.

The growth of the labour movement during the 1920’s & 30’s had a positive impact on Canada.

The goals of union leaders in western Canada contributed to regionalism.

The goals of union leaders in Canada influenced and shaped people’s values at the time.

Communism had a negative influence in Canada during the 20’s & 30’s.

Regionalism vrs. Federalism  - Defend one sides importance to the growth of a nation the size of Canada.

The “Person’s Case” was integral to the Rights of Women in Canada.

Canada became more independent during the 1920’s.

Minorities did not make gains during the 1920’s and 30’s.

Mackenzie King’s contributions to Canada as a nation were historically significant and made him one of the best Prime Minister’s to date.

Governments need to be more involved in the economy during an economic downturn or crisis.

Environmental factors worsened the depression in Canada.

If Canada’s economy had been more independent it would not have been so affected by world depression.

Canada should have been more involved in foreign affairs during the 1930’s.

Canada should not have been so affected by world markets and the downturn in the world economy.


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