Thursday, May 31, 2018

Socials 10: WWII map, timeline and Jewish refugees instructions

1. Map:  label all the countries in Europe and then colour the axis powers and the allied countries (different colours).  Include Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

2.  Timeline:  Three levels of information:  date, what happened & how Canada was involved.  Label pre-war important dates:  1931-1939(start of WWII).  These early dates don't necessarily involve Canada so this portion may be blank.

3.  Jewish Refugees work:
     a) re-read the textbook piece and write two sentences re:  Canada's sentiment towards Jewish people.  In doing so you should answer question:  "How did various sectors in Canada react to the request to accept Jewish refugees.

    b) fill out chart on back of contextual knowledge sheet re:  judgement of adequacy of secondary sources.

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