Monday, May 28, 2018

Socials 10: WWII photographic essay/collage

Goal:  to show understanding of an event or part of WWII through photographs
           to understand how photographs can be used as primary sources
           to understand how to interpret photographs and create captions

Task:  You and a partner if you choose are going to create a photograph essay on a topic of your choice from WWII.  Your essay will consist of 10 (or more) pictures representing the topic of your choice plus a title/title page and a bibliography.

-minimum of 10 paintings, photographs or pictures that you believe best represent your topic.  Each image must be able to stand alone to represent your topic.
-collect your images in one area:  print, photocopy (books!!!), scanned or copy and pasted into a document.  ***** Record your source!!
-EACH picture must include:
 a) titile (if your picture doesn't have one, create one...or if you want to change it, do so)
 b) date (date of your source)
 c) caption (brief and descriptive)
 d) short piece explaining the significance of your picture to the topic
-include a creative title
-bibliography on a separate page, must be in Chicago style and should have a minimum of three sources where ONE is a non-internet source

Final product:  can be submitted digitally or in a poster or hard copy format

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