Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grade 10: Stoney Creek Woman Assignment Options

Social Studies 10
Stoney Creek Woman Assignment Options
Due date:  Jan 23/24

Stoney Creek Woman Learning Cube:

Purpose:  to display/show your learning/understanding of 6 major themes in the novel on a 3D learning cube.  Examples of major themes could be (but don’t have to be):  First Nations Culture, Residential Schools, Reservation Life, Indian Agent, Indian Act, treatment of First Nations, Race relations, Family relationships etc….etc…
Choose 6 themes that you felt you learned about in the book and display that knowledge on each of the 6 sides of the cube (1 theme/side).

Stoney Creek Woman Timeline:

Create a timeline of Major Events/Legislation that the Canadian Government put into place over the last 150 years (pick the big ones like the creation of the Indian Act, signing of numbered treaties, recognition of Metis culture, apology for residential schools) then on the bottom half of the timeline add major events from the novel that tie into these major pieces.  Ensure you show the significance of the Government events and the tie in with the events/effects to the people in the novel.

Stoney Creek Woman Collage/Cartoon:

Show/display your learning on any of the major themes or events in the novel in the form of a collage or cartoon.

Assignment/Questions:  see sheet.  Note question number 1 should read:  **How did this book help you to better understand First Nations Culture.

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