Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Socials 10: Chap 9 & 10 quest review sheet

Quest date:  Friday February 9

Political spectrum:  Right, Centre and Left wing government ideologies
Communism, Fascism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Socialism, Conservatism, etc...
Levels of Govmt:  municipal, provincial, federal
Branches of Govmt:  Executive, Legislative, Judicial
Governor General
Lieutenant Governor
Prime Minister
Cabinet, Cabinet post/portfolio, Cabinet solidarity
Senate (Upper House)
House of Commons (lower house)
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Constitutional Monarchy
Direct vrs Representative Democracy
majority vrs minority government
Chief and Band Council
First past the post vrs proportional representation
NGO (non-governmental organization)
pressure/lobby group
Civil Disobedience

Some questions:
Be able to describe the different parts of the political spectrum and put the different ideologies on as well as our current political parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP & Green, BQ).  Be able to hypothetically apply the different ideologies.
Be able to describe our electoral system.
Understand and explain the different branches of government
Senate and the issues around it.
Federal vrs Provincial responsibilities.
Different ways you as a citizen can influence government
Describe the role of media in the democratic process
When is civil disobedience okay.  Examples
Differentiate between the American and Canadian systems of government
Be able to take a bill to a law.
Understand the major positions of government (GG, PM, Cabinet, MP etc...)
Majority government vs. Minority government

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