Monday, June 18, 2018

Socials 11 Migration Assignment

Socials 11: you may work in pairs if you choose.

Imagine you are a migrant/refugee who has relocated from one part of the world to another.  Research the many details involved in your migration/flight.  Include information about the immigration process of the country you are entering as well as why you were leaving, how you will get there etc... Use the 5W+H approach.  Produce a written report outlining the could be in diary format, newspaper article, story format or straight up report format.
Here are some videos that may help give you some ideas:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grade 10: Stoney Creek Woman Assignment Options

Social Studies 10
Stoney Creek Woman Assignment Options
Due date:  Jan 23/24

Stoney Creek Woman Learning Cube:

Purpose:  to display/show your learning/understanding of 6 major themes in the novel on a 3D learning cube.  Examples of major themes could be (but don’t have to be):  First Nations Culture, Residential Schools, Reservation Life, Indian Agent, Indian Act, treatment of First Nations, Race relations, Family relationships etc….etc…
Choose 6 themes that you felt you learned about in the book and display that knowledge on each of the 6 sides of the cube (1 theme/side).

Stoney Creek Woman Timeline:

Create a timeline of Major Events/Legislation that the Canadian Government put into place over the last 150 years (pick the big ones like the creation of the Indian Act, signing of numbered treaties, recognition of Metis culture, apology for residential schools) then on the bottom half of the timeline add major events from the novel that tie into these major pieces.  Ensure you show the significance of the Government events and the tie in with the events/effects to the people in the novel.

Stoney Creek Woman Collage/Cartoon:

Show/display your learning on any of the major themes or events in the novel in the form of a collage or cartoon.

Assignment/Questions:  see sheet.  Note question number 1 should read:  **How did this book help you to better understand First Nations Culture.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Social Studies 11: Video links for day of PE field trip

Videos for comparison of Florida, Everglades and Netherlands below:
(Netherlands is the last few minutes of the video but the whole video applies)

This sheet is to be handed in.

We also looked at the first 18minutes of this video (it went with the little pink sheet):

Monday, June 4, 2018

Socials 11- Sustainability goals

With a partner you will examine one of the following UN sustainability goals.

With your partner examine and explain to the class:
1) what is the problem?
2) why is it a problem?
3) what can be done?

Friday, June 1, 2018

Links to all blog posts for 6 Historical Thinking concepts here!

The final assessments for Social Studies will be around the students ability to apply each of the six historical thinking concepts.  The first step is understanding each of the concepts.  Here are the links to each of the concepts to help you review each for the final exam:

Historical Significance:

Historical Perspectives:

Cause and Consequence:

Continuity and Change:


Ethical Judgement:

NEW:  Ethical judgments are assessments about the appropriate treatment of others.
            Ethical judgments within history focus on judging whether past actions were justified, assigning historical responsibility, and attributing contemporary accountability.

Another great website that helps explain each of the concepts is the Historical Thinking project found at the following website:
See the section under "concepts".

Link to videos here:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Socials 10: WWII map, timeline and Jewish refugees instructions

1. Map:  label all the countries in Europe and then colour the axis powers and the allied countries (different colours).  Include Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

2.  Timeline:  Three levels of information:  date, what happened & how Canada was involved.  Label pre-war important dates:  1931-1939(start of WWII).  These early dates don't necessarily involve Canada so this portion may be blank.

3.  Jewish Refugees work:
     a) re-read the textbook piece and write two sentences re:  Canada's sentiment towards Jewish people.  In doing so you should answer question:  "How did various sectors in Canada react to the request to accept Jewish refugees.

    b) fill out chart on back of contextual knowledge sheet re:  judgement of adequacy of secondary sources.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Socials 10: WWII photographic essay/collage

Goal:  to show understanding of an event or part of WWII through photographs
           to understand how photographs can be used as primary sources
           to understand how to interpret photographs and create captions

Task:  You and a partner if you choose are going to create a photograph essay on a topic of your choice from WWII.  Your essay will consist of 10 (or more) pictures representing the topic of your choice plus a title/title page and a bibliography.

-minimum of 10 paintings, photographs or pictures that you believe best represent your topic.  Each image must be able to stand alone to represent your topic.
-collect your images in one area:  print, photocopy (books!!!), scanned or copy and pasted into a document.  ***** Record your source!!
-EACH picture must include:
 a) titile (if your picture doesn't have one, create one...or if you want to change it, do so)
 b) date (date of your source)
 c) caption (brief and descriptive)
 d) short piece explaining the significance of your picture to the topic
-include a creative title
-bibliography on a separate page, must be in Chicago style and should have a minimum of three sources where ONE is a non-internet source

Final product:  can be submitted digitally or in a poster or hard copy format