Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SS10 - 1920's Review sheet

Main topics on the Quest:
-Society & Culture in the 1920's
-Canadian identity, then and now
-formation of Unions & the Winnipeg General Strike
-Regionalism vs Federalism
-Canada's Growing independence
-events that effected Canada's independence:  King-Byng, Channak, Halibut etc...
-shift in trade from Britain to US
-Role of Women/person's case
-Minority groups
-Stock Market Crash

union                     communism                  collective bargaining
Citizens' Committee of 1000                      CCF party
socialist                 regionalism                   federalism
minority government                                  autonomy
Statute of Westminster                                urbanization
Aboriginal Title                                          cut off lands
Cultural Assimilation                                 Group of Seven

JS Wordsworth
Agnes Macphail
Mackenzie King
Viscount Byng
Arthur Meighen
Arthur Lismer (Group of Seven painter if we get there)

Questions to consider:
-Did Canada become more autonomous during the 1920's?
-Do you agree with the idea of the "roaring 20's"?
-Was the Winnipeg General Strike justified?
-Were the actions of the Federal Government during the Winnipeg General strike justified?
-Why do you think the rise in Labour Unions happened during this time.
-Be able to apply different historical thinking concepts to different issues/content in this chapter:
eg:  historical perspectives, Winnipeg General Strike
       continuity and change:  Role of Women
       historical significance:  King Byng Affair
Why did regionalism develop in Canada?
Does regionalism in Canada influence Canadian identity?
Was the 1920's a period of progress or decline for Canadians?

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